Hello World, Hello Tasksforce

This is alpha "Getting Things Done" web application called Taskforce. It is heavily inspired by all the GTD apps on a mac. Like Things, OmniFocus and Hitlist. It is currently available as a download and a as Adobe Air application.

Use it in your browser or as a Air application

To use Taskforce in your Browser, you have to download the zip and open the index.html with your favorit Firefox 3 or Safari 3.2+ Browser. Google Gears is also required for the local database storage.

Or, you can just install the Air Application and use it as a 'nativ' desktop application.

Project Goals

The first look

Open Source

Yes, Taskforce is completely open source!


This is currently a pre alpha version. Use at your own risk! I really like to hear your feedback. There are still a alot of features missing and some need improvement. So dont be angry when something 'just dont work'.


I like to thank: